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This is the part where I confess I've never actually seen Les Miserables. (Nor is it remotely on my list.)

This is the part where we move on to the important stuff. ;)

Back in December I started developing an excruciating burning pain in my right arm. I thought maybe it was just my tendonitis flaring in an odd way or muscles being tired due to the holiday push, so I ignored it until it got so bad that I was barely able to lift my arm. The doctor I was sent to at first diagnosed it as tendonitis, which completely ignored my telling him repeatedly that this didn't hurt like anything I'd ever felt before, and the pain seemed to be radiating from my shoulder. I spent my winter holiday dealing with an arm brace that was so poorly fitted I gave up and ripped it off one night after waking up sobbing because it was cutting circulation to my thumb off. The pain faded, I thought maybe the rest had just help, went back on full duty at work. Within less than a week the aching had started again. This time the doctor finally said it was probably something in my shoulder, but he didn't think it was a tear since I still had some strength. 4-5 months of therapy and 2 cortisone shots later with no improvement, L&I scheduled an appointment for me next week in Seattle. I'm hoping this is finally for an MRI, 'cause I'm getting quite tired of having no idea what's going on with my shoulder. (The pain is bouncing between intermittent, and occasionally settling in for several days if I do anything "strenuous". . .strenuous in this case can mean even flipping through the clothes rack at Goodwill.)

That being out of the way, I've been trying to focus on projects that don't require my arm to be as top form. A lot of my costume stuff has lagged; thankfully my boyfriend has picked it up and has been working on a lot of stuff for me. (Though I am still waiting for the Merida dress that was supposed to be finished in February to get sewn lol.)

First up on the project list was getting some of the groundwork done for the business I'd like to open. I've gotten all the pics of the current stuff I'm selling up, though I'm still going through and updating prices. The boyfriend is going to talk to some artists he knows about the logo since I can't draw at all, and he can't draw what it is we want. Right now the money I make from selling stuff is going to the purchase of a drivable car. Mine died last year, and since the boyfriend is likely to have work again in a couple of months it's become even more imperative that we not have to rely on just one (ie - his) car. I've already made roughly $270 more from selling stuff, so a HUGE thanks to everybody who has bought things. I'm hoping I'll be able to increase the handmade nerd crafts within the next month or so once money settles down.

To signal boost and buy stuff, here's my Facebook page for my shop (I do not sell on etsy at the moment as most of my stuff is consignment type things right now): Boneyard Scraps

My second project is a far longer term dream that myself, a friend, and my boyfriend have. (And I fully admit it is largely me driving said dream. lmao) For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with horses. Last year I was finally able to get involved with jousting and medieval games with them (only as a squire for now, so just taking care of the horses and helping with weapons and armor). This has moved me one step closer towards my dream of a largely self sustaining farm that specializes in jousting and medieval game lessons. (We'd also like to be able to bring our horses to ren fairs and other events for people to ride.  .that part of the business we were going to call All the King's Horses.) I've even found a place I'm HIGHLY interested in, as it's almost 2 acres and has a detached work shop which would be awesome not only for building our own equipment and fences and what not, but would also be incredibly helpful for my boyfriend's costume work. The problem is that I don't know that I qualify for purchase on my own. (Boyfriend, friend, and I can all afford mortgage and basic utilities together, but I don't know that friend realizes how serious I am about wanting to look at buying this place yet.)

I see a lot of other people managing to get monetary help for their dreams via GoFundMe, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I know I've got the goal set high, but that's more to cover my butt with expenses I'm sure I'm not factoring in yet. And I'd only need $30,000 down on the house and land. (From there we'd be looking into grants for green energy set up plus farm grants.) So, you know, I'm doing something I hate doing. I'm asking people for help. Signal boost, buy my stuff, donate even a dollar. . . .everything helps. You'll have the added bonus of being able to tell people you supported honey badger farms ;) Once we get the logo for that designed, we're also hoping to be able to sell it on some products here and there. (I mean, how many people get a heraldic honey badger? lol)
Mellivora Farms


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Virtually none of my photos are edited; I'm a complete amateur who takes photos just for kicks, and, while I have GIMP, I don't tend to use it for much of anything other than shrinking or occasionally cropping photos. lol If something is edited more than that, I will make a note of it on the photo's description. Also, with a lot of the pictures I take of plants I have ZERO idea what they are. If you know, please feel free to leave a comment telling me so I can update things accordingly. ^-^

All of my poems were stuff I wrote back in high school, so feel free to shudder and twitch along with me XD.

Costuming Blog can be found here:

Current Residence: WA


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